Thursday 2 May 2013

One year later!

One year ago today, Vern Hyde, Mark Bishop and Ken Wallace embarked on an epic journey to ride their bikes across Canada. Their goal was to create a Chain Reaction across Canada to raise funds to build a school in the rural community of Gindo, Ethiopia.

Now, the school is complete!

The children are attending daily, and are very grateful for the new center. We recently asked some of the children for their thoughts about the new center and the program, and this is what they had to say:

"I am very happy, and I like the new center. The old center classrooms were very small, and there were no adequate materials such as chairs and tables. But here in the new center, everything is great!"
Tamirat, age 13

"It is very nice to be here. The compound is big enough to play. We had been taking baths in a plastic shelter, but now we have a nice bathroom with tap water."
Tesfalem, age 8

"Before I was not attending school because there was no one to help. I was born and grew up in Nazreth, and came here after I lost my parents. Now with the help of the project I am following my regular education. The project covers all my school expenses including uniform and shoes. I was having very old and broken shoes, but now the project bought to me new shoes. I am eating at the center, and that is very good..."
Biruk, age 10

Canadian Humanitarian and the Riders would like to thank you so much for making this school a reality. Everyone involved in moving the chain reaction forward has helped to change the lives of children in Ethiopia.

The new building has provided Canadian Humanitarian with enhanced space to impact the lives of children, their families, and their community.

Just a few months ago, the school was turned into a clinic for 3 days, and many children and their guardians received medical check-ups from Canadian volunteer physicians.  The community library is growing, as books are brought from Canad or purchased locally. Many more activities have also been improved.

As the activities at the center increase, and the impact on the lives of the children is deepened, ongoing funds are needed.

Keep the Chain Reaction rolling! Sponsor a child, or make a donation!

Your investment will help these children succeed and break out of the cycle of poverty.

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